Feel free to print and use these comedic monologues and scenes for classwork or auditions. As new ones are posted, they'll be announced on FacebookTwitter, and the newsletter.


On a blind date, Linda introduces her imaginary friend, and more... (Check Please)

A disgruntled police officer explains to the court how he sustained injuries from sitting on a wall and having a great fall. (Law & Order: Fairy Tale Unit)

A wrongfully accused police spider maintains her innocence to district attorneys. (Law & Order: Fairy Tale Unit - Episode 2)

The ultimate procrastinator explains to his college roommate how he'll finish a final paper that's due in one hour. (Meet the Roommates)



A chatty doctor breaks one too many social rules on a blind date. (Check Please: Take 2)

On a blind date, an obsession with internet language rears its weird head. (Check Please: Take 2)

All seems bleak for Bob in a job interview, until coincidence strikes. (Hard Candy)

A timid Jill appears to be failing horribly in her first ever job interview with militant Harry. (Hard Candy)

Tommy's new college roommate Mike has an extremely unique sleep condition. (Meet the Roommates)

Jenny's new college roommate Sharon has some unprecdented issues with sharing, boundaries, and personal space and property. (Meet the Roommates)