More than one hundred eclectic characters -- including a loving couple of freezing frontiersfolk, a cadre of mustachioed men, a humble nuclear physicist, and a merry band of ghosts -- portray the convoluted history of a small Midwestern town. Two interminably frustrated narrators -- a young girl and a cranky old-timer -- vie to have their version of events retold. Did the ShamWow guy industrialize America? Was Prohibition brought about by an axe-wielding maniac? Did Humblepie win Dippy Dipperson's Mashed Potato Dancestravaganza? It all depends on who's telling the story. This here's the entirely accurate history of Humbletown: The Greatest Town on Earth. (Co-written with Don Zolidis; a short version of this play is also available.)


  • 75-85 minutes
  • 5 females, 5 males, 10 either (10-133 actors possible: 5-67 females, 5-66 males)