Due to budget cuts there will only be a single session of Drama One for the entire school year -- and the class will only last 20 minutes. To make matters worse, the students are required to perform an entire Shakespeare play for a schoolwide assembly during a time slot of only 10 minutes. Under the direction of the egomaniacal Mrs. Gunnysack, the beginner students must pull together for the fastest, cleanest, lowest-budget rendition of Romeo and Juliet the world has ever seen, complete with a makeshift balcony, interpretive dance fight sequences, and an Elizabethan hip-hop dance party that would even make P. Diddy shake his tailfeather with Shakespearean pride.


  • 35-45 minutes

  • 18 females, 15 males, 17 either (15-50 actors possible: 0-50 females, 0-50 males)